Hack Recovery

Have you been hacked?

Our condolences.  It’s annoying to find that visitors to your site see someone else’s junk. And it can cost you money.

As WordPress developers since 2007 (and web developers since 1994), we’ve seen hacking problems grow as WordPress becomes ever more popular.

Fortunately for you, we’ve seen a lot of the patterns and can usually dig you out of the mess pretty quickly.

Once we’ve cleaned your site, we’ll also harden it against future attacks.

In computing, hardening is usually the process of securing a system by reducing its surface of vulnerability, which is larger when a system performs more functions; in principle a single-function system is more secure than a multipurpose one. Reducing available ways of attack typically includes changing default passwords, the removal of unnecessary software, unnecessary usernames or logins, and the disabling or removal of unnecessary services. —Wikipedia

We’ll also update your site to the current version of WordPress core, plugins and themes.

How soon can Sustainable Sources start?

We can usually start within a few hours of initial contact, depending on our current workload.

Thanks! As always, I appreciate the speedy fix of my client’s sites! –Therese Kopiwoda, SocialMediaHound

How long does it take?

That depends on the size of your site and the complexity of the hack.  It’s not uncommon for multiple hacks to be done simultaneously.  We can typically have your site clean, hardened, and running the latest software versions with a few hours’ work.

What does Sustainable Sources need from me?

Access to your website: an Admin username and password for WordPress, login information for your cPanel or similar control panel, and FTP access are usually required.  DO NOT send these by email.  We’ll provide a cell number which you can text or call with your login info.


$65/hr.   Budget $200-$250 and then be happily surprised if we’re done in less time.  Highly customized or large sites or sites with difficult to solve hacks may take a bit more time.

Thank you so much! –Juli Gurican, site owner